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Making an offer to buy property in Spain

Making an offer

This page is an advisory page only and represents our understanding of the current legal and business situation. Advice and opinions expressed here should never be used as a replacement for professional advice.

Initially you make a verbal offer. patio If this is accepted contact your lawyer with the details.

It is probably best not to use the same lawyer that your agent or the vendor is using. Such an arrangement is sometimes proposed as a means of reducing purchasing costs. You may be better off using a lawyer who has to worry only about your best interests if any conflicts arise. An agent may recommend a lawyer but you should ensure that that lawyer does not act for the property seller.

We strongly recommend that all future transactions always take place through your lawyer. Listen to your lawyer. If your lawyer feels that something is not right, be prepared to drop the purchase.

Never commit yourself to any purchase without having your lawyer carry out basic checks e.g. that the vendor does actually own the property.

If you are buying a second-hand property, you may find that it is not registered and you may have to pay first registration fees (non-registered properties are fairly common in rural and remote areas). Be aware that if you want to go ahead with the purchase of non-registered properties, this can have a serious impact on the time to completion. It may also affect your chances of getting a mortgage.

Buying property in Spain - First Steps - Choose your area

Decide on the type of property you want and see what is available

Calculate your budget and arrange finance

Arrange an inspection visit to see available Spanish properties

Making an offer on a property

Exchanging currency

Arranging a mortgage on your Spanish property

Legal matters

Deposit and completion

Tax considerations when buying Spanish property

Approximate costs when buying property in Spain


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