Guide to buying property in Spain - first steps

Decide on an area


Choose a type of location

You need to decide at the outset whether you are looking for a property in a city, a town or a rural area. Decide whether you want to be in inland, or near the coast. Keep in mind that remote rural regions are unlikely to have the same infrastructure and facilities as the popular coastal areas, towns and major cities. In many rural areas, properties will not have mains electricity or mains water and sewage.

If you decide you want to live near the coast, be aware that properties just a few kilometres inland form popular coastal resorts can be several thousdands of euros cheaper than those right on the coast.

Choose a region

Your next step is to narrow your search down to a region. Spain is a very large country, so you need to focus on the region you would prefer to buy your property in, or your search could take forever. Be aware that prices for similar properties will be different in different regions. A two-bedroom apartment in a popular tourist resort will be more expensive than an identical property in a rural village.


The climate throughout Spain is essentially sunny for most of the year, but conditions can be very different in various parts of Spain. The south and east coasts tend to have mild days and cold nights in winter and they are very warm in summer. Away from the coasts, winters tend to be very cold, especially at night, while the summers are stifling. Northwest Spain has less extreme weather.

Your reason for buying

The reason you are buying property will also be important in choosing your area. If you are planning to live in Spain, you may need to take local employment opportunities into account. If you are bringing children to live, under Spanish law they will have to attend school, so you will want to ensure there are educational facilities nearby.


Language may be another consideration if you intend to live or work in the country. In the most popular tourist areas, staff in most shops, bars, restaurants and offices will speak a reasonable amount English. You will also be more likely to find English-speaking lawyers, dentists, pharmacists, doctors etc. If you move to an area away from the tourist resorts, you will almost certainly have to become reasonably competent in Spanish.

Buying property in Spain - First Steps - Choose your area

Decide on the type of property you want and see what is available

Calculate your budget and arrange finance

Arrange an inspection visit to see available Spanish properties

Making an offer on a property

Exchanging currency

Arranging a mortgage on your Spanish property

Legal matters

Deposit and completion

Tax considerations when buying Spanish property

Approximate costs when buying property in Spain