Finding property in Spain

Finding your property

Spanish street

Once you've worked out your budget and decided on an area, you are ready to start hunting for property.

Most good estate agents on our list will have a website with up-to-date property listings.

You can also use our lists to contact estate agents in your selected area. Have a look at their properties and make a shortlist of the ones you like, taking note of the agent's name and the property reference.

We also recommend sending an email to each estate agent with your requirements and your contact details. Good estate agents will keep you up to date with new properties for sale as they receive them.

When you have completed your shortlist, contact the estate agents again and ask them to email you all the details they have of the chosen Spanish properties.

If you are buying an off-plan or a partially constructed property, there are additional factors you need to consider. You should always engage the services of an independent lawyer before parting with any money.

Under Spanish law all builders are required to obtain a bank guarantee (or insurance contract) which protects the buyer against loss. Unfortunately, not all builders/developers comply with the law. Never, ever contract to buy without this guarantee in place.

Even where a guarantee exists you need to be careful that it is drawn up with a reputable financial institution. You also need to examine carefully the terms of the guarantee, its expiry date, penalty clauses etc. This is why it is crucial to consult a lawyer. Note that the guarantee and contracts will be drawn up in Spanish and the Spanish documents are the legally binding ones. You may be offered an English translation of the guarantee and contracts but these are often not worth the paper they are written on. They often bear no resemblance to the Spanish papers.

Next, arrange an inspection visit to view the properties you have short-listed.

Buying property in Spain - First Steps - Choose your area

Decide on the type of property you want and see what is available

Calculate your budget and arrange finance

Arrange an inspection visit to see available Spanish properties

Making an offer on a property

Exchanging currency

Arranging a mortgage on your Spanish property

Legal matters

Deposit and completion

Tax considerations when buying Spanish property

Approximate costs when buying property in Spain